Cad/Pad Spares Storage Facility
Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Client: Corps of Engineers
Architect: Eaton Mahoney Associates

Size: 56,000 sq. ft.

Type: Design Build

Commenced: 06/2001
Completed: 04/2002
Cad/Pad Spares Storage Facility

This design build project brought together a number of unique architectural forms. The storage facility was pre-engineered and it was necessary to incorporate a moment frame structure into it. The outside of the facility is comprised of Atlas Brick, and a metal panel finish that reaches above to the roof of the structure. In addition to this the floor was poured super flat in order to accommodate the fully automated recovery system that was installed into the building, and the outside parking area required a 23,000 sq. ft., 9 inch thick slab. During construction the principle source of heat for the structure was steam which had been diverted from an adjacent facility.