Consolidated Range Dormitory
Hill Air Force Base, Utah

Client: Corps of Engineers
Architect: Design West

Size: 100,000 sq. ft.

Type: Design Build

Commenced: 10/1996
Completed: 01/1999
Consolidated Range Dormitory

This design build project involved the construction of an 85 unit, 155 personnel, Air Force dormitory, and the remodeling of an existing operations facility. The dormitory is a two story structure with split-faced, bold-fluted CMU exterior, and a standing seam metal roof. It also features a post office, as well as recreation, study, vending, housekeeping, laundry, communications, and mechanical rooms. Each unit in the dormitory has a living/bedroom area, bathroom, and a kitchen with cabinets and appliances. The operations facility is constructed with an architectural appearance similar to the dormitory and it contains offices, security, and medical support facilities. This project was finished prior to the original completion date.