Eastlake Elementary School
South Jordan, Utah

Client: Jordan School District
Architect: VCBO Architects

Size: 86,000 sq. ft.

Type: Build to Design

Commenced: 06/2007
Completed: 08/2008
Eastlake Elementary School

Eastlake Elementary School is located in the Daybreak community, adjacent to the man-made Oquirrh Lake. It features a unique two-story design that includes large windows in each of the school's thirty-four classrooms. The school serves more than eight hundred students who are on a four-track, year-round schedule. It is equipped with an elevator and an off-track storage room to aid the teachers as they transition. The first floor includes a large gymnasium and dining area, and three kindergarten classrooms. The kindergarten classes have their own rest rooms and coat rooms, and outside access to their own playground. The second floor of the building is equipped with a beautiful media center, and a state of the art computer lab. The school also features spacious collaboration areas on both ends of each floor, four teacher preparation rooms, and a teacher work room.