Horizon Elementary School
Washington, Utah

Client: Washington County School District
Architect: Naylor Wentworth Lund

Size: 68,000 sq. ft.

Type: Build to Design

Commenced: 07/2005
Completed: 08/2006
Horizon Elementary School

Horizon Elementary is a rather unique school because all of its exterior walls and interior structural walls are tilt-up. It is not obvious that it is a tilt up structure, however, because the walls have been finished in a way that prevents the building from taking on an industrial look. The central core of the building is comprised of administrative offices, a multipurpose room, kindergarten classrooms, and a library. The school also has two classroom wings which are offset from the central area. In addition to this, the building also features a spacious gymnasium and cafeteria area. This school was located on an extremely difficult site that required extensive amounts of blasting and rock removal. Even though this was a difficult site, the school was completed on time and within budget.