Parkside Elementary School
Clinton, Utah

Client: Davis School District
Architect: VCBO Architects

Size: 55,000 sq. ft.

Type: Build to Design

Commenced: 08/2005
Completed: 08/2006
Parkside Elementary School

Parkside Elementary is a prototype school designed to boost the appeal of elementary education. It features many interactive elements for its students to enjoy and this makes the school more enjoyable to attend. Both playgrounds at the school feature state of the art Kompan interactive playground equipment, which is designed to encourage physical activity among the children. In addition to this the building features several Lego based elements, including Legos on the Kiva walls and Lego tiles set throughout the hallways. This school is constructed primarily with masonry and stucco, and has been decorated with several interactive colors. In addition to this the HVAC system is designed with diffusers that disperse hot or cold air at the floor level rather than the ceiling.