Wasatch Junior High School
Holladay, Utah

Client: Granite School District
Architect: VCBO Architects

Size: 155,000 sq. ft.

Type: Build to Design

Commenced: 03/2007
Completed: 08/2008
Wasatch Junior High School

Wasatch Junior High School is a replacement of the existing junior high, built in 1959, which was totally destroyed by fire in 2005. This school was designed with a curtain wall system, and a clear story that allows for a significant amount of natural light to enter the building. It is a masonry concrete structure that includes architectural concrete columns and radius walls. This structure has a complicated radius design, using architectural concrete, a curtain wall, and a metal deck and joist roof system. Because the building is built into the hillside a six-hundred lineal foot retaining wall, twenty feet in height, was built to separate the lower floor from the upper floor. The junior high includes an auditorium that seats approximately one-thousand students.