World Gym & Aerobics
Provo, Utah

Client: Utah Valley Fitness
Architect: Richardson Design

Size: 20,000 sq. ft.

Type: Design Build

Commenced: 04/1990
Completed: 10/1991
World Gym & Aerobics

This fitness facility consisted of a weight room floor, a circuit training room, a cardio vascular area, and an aerobic room. In addition to these areas there were management offices, tanning rooms, a pro shop and a nursery. The building has two levels, with the second story as a balcony overlooking the weight room on the lower floor. The exterior of the building was honed CMU block with a standing seam metal roof. The building was furnished with locker rooms and had an unique underground return air duct, that pulled the HVAC down past the storefront windows, thus eliminating the fogging effect normally present in athletic facilities.